Project-Based Consulting

You are an aspiring author who wants guidance and support to turn your brilliant writing idea into a published reality. Combining one-on-one coaching with project management, we will help guide your writing project through every stage of the creative process: writing the first draft, editing & revising, finalizing a manuscript, designing a publishing & marketing plan, and even planning your book release party!




You are a budding writer committed to finding your voice and honing your unique creative writing style with regular, consistent practice and good old-fashioned persistence. You may not have a specific project in mind just yet, but it’s in there somewhere and we're here to help you find it.




Your work of art is complete, but you need direction on the best self-publishing avenue for you. With so many choices and options, it can be challenging to navigate these murky waters. With three self-published works under my belt, I have learned a thing or two along the way and can help you with the best approach to suit your aspirations and budget.


author Platform


You are an aspiring writer looking to build a strong author platform, 

including a dazzling website, a consistent blog, and an engaging social media presence. We'll help you develop a game plan to reach new audiences and share your work across various online platforms. 


Editing &


You are in the thick of perfecting your work and need a second set of eyes to make sure all T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted. Let us help offer editing & revision strategies to make your final manuscript ready for publication.


Public Speaking &


You are a writer who wants to share your work aloud in front of live audiences, but struggle with deliver or stage fright. It is one thing to put pen to paper, but another to present your work in front of others. Don't worry, from book talks to poetry readings, we can help you make your written words sing.