Release Date: January 12, 2018

Episode Synopsis: We explore the topic of spoken word, diving into our own experiences performing poetry in front of live audiences, the influence of poetry slams & hip hop on spoken word, and whether there's a legitimate divide between "page poets" and "stage poets". 

Edited by: Matthew Foley

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Matt’s New Poem, Published in HEArt Journal Online:

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Derek Berry

Loren Mixon

Matthew Foley


Books/Poets/Artists Mentioned

Boo: A Novel by Neil Smith


Eve Ewing


Kaveh Akbar


Dave Made a Maze


Death by Sex Machine by Franny Choi


Star Wars: Heir to the Empire


Jericho Brown


Andrea Gibson


Safia Sinclair


WATSKY! (X Infinity)


Saul Williams


G Yamazawa


Tank and the Bangas


Sarah Kay


Taylor Mali


Courtnay the Poet


Sam Lane


Ed Mabrey




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Spoken WORD

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